Today’s fix: Braun 3773
It’s an electric shaver with internal battery.

The battery, a good Ni-Mh AA, avoid the need for the deadweight as used to be in the previous model and it last very long.

The problem is a broken clip that should hang the head, so I need to keep it in place with a finger while shaving.

The good clipThe broken clip

You can see the broken clip doesn’t come out in the “lock” position (right photo).

Here’s how i fixed it:

1 - I took the head off

2 - Unscrew the 3 screws: 2 under the head, 1 at the bottom

3 - I forgot to unhook the rubber protection between the two sides of the shaver, here how to do it correctly.

Do it at home

Here’s the broken pin. The spring cannot work.

There is some space for the clip to go back when it’s pushed, that’s where I put some filler to keep it hooking the head.

4 - I cut a foam peanut for the filler (it’s not a peanut, it’s a cube, but you get the idea)

5 - A little glue to keep it in place.

6 - Here we go! I’m going to shave now!


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